First new pictures with Prepar3d V4

Here are my first picture with the all new Prepar3D V4 with all full “Compatible” addon.
The new rain particules are very nice!

The Twin Otter Extend from Aerosoft in Saint Maarten TNCM from FlyTampa.

I reported an issue to FSdreamteam because the Twin Otter makes GSX / Coualt crashing from any airport.


Last pictures with Prepa3d V3

few hours before Prepa3d V4 release, it is time to say goodbye to Prepar3d V3.
My last flight with P3DV3 was Dubai OMDB to Melbourne YMML with the majestic PMDG B747-400.

here are the last pictures taken from there.

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DdD Air Lines now on Instagram

DdD Air Lines is now on Instagram to share with you the best pics and video!

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Blurry Textures: Solved

After  a complete reinstall of my laptop to upgrade P3D to 3.4, I experienced issues with Texture loading (as displayed here).


But after testing (changing my setting one by one, reinstalling, installing all my ORBX stufffs, testing…. I finally found what causing the issue.


I experienced that it’s better to let this information and put 0 for AffinityMask than remove it to avoid some other addons like (Addon Manager in my case) adding something else.

So by set 


it solved my issue

Longest flight for DdD Air Lines

The longest flight DD698 from DdD Air lines was made by our B777-200LR HB-DDY (PMDG) by DdD Holiday last week.
Departed from Zurich LSZH (FSdreamteam)  at 10:00 am to Melbourne V3 YMML (ORBX), arrived at 12:18 pm.

With 306 pax and 4 tonnes of freight, the flight was 16:55 long for 8926nm.

New Bird for DdD Business

DdD Business acquiert a new Birds, from PMDG, the new PMDG 747-400 Queen of the Skies II V3!

The model selected for DdD Business is a B747-400M with General Electric CF6-80C2B1F.
B747-400M / Combi model is selected to be able to carry an important quantity of freight and a reasonable amount of passengers in the same time.

The plane will be based in Zurich Airport (LSZH) to serve:
New York KJFK
Los Angeles KLAX
Miami KMAI
Shanghai ZSPD
Mumbai VABB
Bangkok VTBS

First flight was Anchorage PANC to Zurich LSZH as the plane was located there from its previous operator.