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DdD Cargo open new lines to desserve Tongass Fjord!

October 10, 2011

The choice is for a C208B CargoMaster! NC01DD will desserve Sitka Rocky Gutierrez Airport, Kake AirportPetersburg James A. Johnson AirportWrangell AirportKlawock AirportcBob Quinn Lake Airport and Telegraph Creek.

Total destruction (21% destruction) for the B707-300C HB-DO1

August 8, 2011

This new compagny is created to make operation depending of the World Actuality. For the first flight, the B707-300C goes to Somalia but near the Mogadishu‘s Airport the aircraft has been attacked by anti-aircraft artillery and small gun during approach.

Here is the complete report:

One engine was damaged by small arms fire coming from the ground and ceased to function.
The right fuel tank was hit by a ground shot and started leaking fuel. The left fuel tank was hit by a ground shot and started leaking fuel.
The vacuum system was hit by a ground shot. The hydraulic system was hit by a ground shot resulting in total loss of all hydraulic systems.
The electrical systems were hit by a ground shot resulting in a complete electrical systems failure.
Your aircraft received a few ground shots.
The aircraft was hit by anti-aircraft artillery fire resulting in a massive hull rupture.

The plane will be replaced by the same aicraft with same colors

DdD Regional is created!

June 28, 2011

This compagny will serve the region or unique airport for regional flight. For begining, 2 new planes were purshased.

The first is a DHC-6 Twin Otter with float for regional flights in the Maldives (called be 8Q-DD1) and a Boeing 737-300 (called C6-DD1) to serve the Lynden Pindling International Airport @Nassau.

All others regional aircrafts in the DdD Air Lines‘s fleet will be transfered to DdD Regional (HB-DD4 in Switzerland, TF-DD1 in Iceland and N001DD in the Tongass Fjords).

For the sunny destinations, the color of the paint scheme has been changed by a more green/blue color.

Here is the 8Q-DD1

And the C6-DD1

New plane to serve Tongass Fjords region!

June 2, 2011

As the region have a lot of water the seaplane is a Goose G21A (default one), called N001DD

Jeatstream 41 from PMDG will do the connection:

KPDX – Portland <-> KORS – Orcas Island <-> PASI – Sitka Rocky Gutierrez

New Colors for DdD Air Lines.

May 28, 2011

The definitive color and logo for our compagny has been decided.

Our MD11 HB-DDA is the first aircraft with the new color.

Our Cessna 208B HB-DD4 is now with the new paint!

MISSION: Repair the TF-DD1

May 16, 2011

Due to a short circuit in Iceland, our Twin Otter had to be repair.

For this operation we sent our C130 HB-DDY with the spare part to BISI – Siglufjordur.

Here is the cost operation:

Twin Otter repair 151’778$
LSGS Sion to EGPR Barra Airport 276’380$
EGPR Barra Airport to BISI – Siglufjordur 261’885$
BISI Siglufjordur to LSGS Sion 659’360$
TOTAL 1’049’403

Here is some pictures:

Loading material at Sion Take Off from Sion
Twin Otter reparation at BISI Siglufjordur Twin Otter reparation at BISI Siglufjordur
Departure from Siglufjordur
In flight

And many more pictures available on the All the Pictures

Twin Otter – TF-DD1 to be repaired.

May 15, 2011

The C130 has been bought from a old United Nation fleet.

The first mission for the HB-DDY is to deliver materiel to BISI – Siglufjordur to repair the Twin Otter – TF-DD1.

The aircraft took of from LSGS Sion to EGPR Barra Airport, Scotland.