Mission to Antarctica delayed

December 27, 2015

Due to a technical issues with our B757-200 HB-DDC, the mission to Antarctica must be delayed.

Starting from Geneva LSGG to LPMA Madeira, multiple issues occurred from the autopilot few minutes before the descent. Technicians from Madeira tried to figure out the problem what caused 1 day delay regarding the agenda.

Took off 1 day after from Madeira direction St. Maarten TNCM, the flight was perfect except the delay of one hour due to the wind and hard turbulences. Arrived at 20:22 pm at St. Maarten, we refueled the plane and cooled breaks during one hour.

Departed to SLLP La Paz airport, technical issues occurred again with autopilot and another issue, the pressurisation system. Autopilot has been disengaged, pilotes flew manually and returned to St. Maarten TNCM airport without any other issue.
As the B757-200 is one of the older plane of the company, we will make some test and see if we will remove it from the fleet.

With 30 peoples aboard, the goal of the Antarctica mission is shift change and supplying. DdD Business is looking to prepare another plane able to replace our 757-200 and land to Antarctica. Certainly our B737-700 HB-DDF

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