CaptainSim B757 / B767 issue with AP LNAV and HDG

April 30, 2016

I recently had a lot of issue with the Autopilot of CaptainSim aircrafts (B757, B767, and even the B777).

When I started the LNAV or HDG  it stopped working after a tight turn and continuously flying in circle. what make me crazy after a lot time in CaptainSim’s forum to understand what happened.

Finally I found why…

As I have multiple devices (Yoke and Joystick)  I do not activate the Joystick in FS and use only FSUIPC to control my devices (and I removed any axis control from the FS control) .
But with CaptainSim aircraft, it may appears a conflict between Yoke and Jostick and I realized that an issue of sensitivity could cause the issue as well.

So… I finally activated the control of the joystick in FS control Center. But I have configured ONLY the Aileron Axis and Elevator axis from there and only for the yoke. All other controls for my other joystick are removed and only set in FSUIPC.

And the other point is to reduce the sensitivity and increase the null zone. (sorry my FS is in French… but the position keep the same), your plane doesn’t know what control to take. Sofs-control

Last point is configuring FSUIPC.

When you are parked with your CaptainSim aircraft at your favorite airport, start FSUIPC.

Go to “Axis Assignment” and select “Profile Specific?” to activate the configuration ONLY for your current aircraft (what will not impact the configuration for your other aircraft).

Then press Rescan for each  Aileron Axis and Elevator axis , select “Send to FS as normal axis” and remove the control if any and let it blank. (check the FSUIPC manual in case you need more information) this will remove any conflict you could have with your CaptainSim aircraft and Joystick.




Voilà… This resolved my AP LNAV and HDG issues with CaptainSim aircaft. I hope this will help you. When I flight with other birds, I uncheck the “Enable controller” from the FS Joystick Control Center.

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