New mission for DdD Swiss Confederation

July 11, 2016

Our B77L (T-001) from PMDG, is actually prepared for its next mission.


Due to the migration from FSX to P3d, we lost our CaptainSim F/A 18 Hornet… sad… But! it is a wonderful opportunity to upgrade our military fleet with a new advanced aircraft.
For this reason, we decided to acquire the F/A-18E from VRSimulations! Seems to have an excellent advanced system with the TacPack and the Super Hornet seems to be really nice designed!

As this concerned military part, our B77L T-001 (PMDG) is deployed with a contingent of 20 people to acquire this new bird. So, direction Lambert–St. Louis International Airport KSTL (from Taxi2Gate) where this bird is assembled in the real life. During few days we will be on site for testing and training sessions, then we will return to Sion (LSGS, FlyLogic) in Switzerland via the Naval Air Station Keflavik (BIFK, aerosoft), Sumburgh Airport (EGPB, ORBX) and 1x Air refuelling over the Atlantic (W-104 B zone restriction) in the US.

T-001 will return to Geneva Airport non stop as soon training and tests are done.

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