Disaster avoided on the flight TG461 from Bangkok (VTSB) to Melbourne (YMML)

July 24, 2015

Flight TG461 (Thai Airways International, virtual) departing from Bangkok to Melbourne (Boeing B777-300ER, HS-TKU) , made an emergency landing at Melbourne, without any engine.

All of the 349 passengers are safe and no injurie reported.

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Few moment after starting the descent (around FL280), for unknown reasons both R and L engines started to heat and reached a critical temperature.
Pilotes and co-pilotes started procedures to decrease the engines temperature, without success. The temperature didn’t decrease.

Descent with idle throttle until around FL150 and autopilot disengaged, APU started.




Around 12’000FT, both engines L and R turned off suddenly. After processing with the emergency checklist and RAT deployement we received the approval of the Airport to proceed to a direct landing to the runaway 16 (initially planned to 36).
As a big good glider, the B77W descended smoothly with spoiler activated to keep correct speed and altitude. Unfortunately, still failing to restart engines.

Because the speed was too high and there was only one chance, pilote made few turns to decrease the speed enough during the final to land.
With a touch down at around 200kts, the brakes attempt a high temperature quickly. But the plane landed successfully without hard landing at 19:44. Aircraft was completely stopped at the end of the runaway 16 with deployed emergency slides. Emergency services were ready and waited on place.


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Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB), is now investigating the HS-TKU to identify the reason. The virtual company of Thai Airways International is now checking all its B777-300ER engines.

A B777 from Captain Sim is flying to Melbourne for the return flight.

“It was a really intense and scary but we informed passengers with calm and everything went well”, Pilot saids

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