United Airlines: Few Pics…

Few pics of flights with the 737-800 of United Airlines around USA.

File Jun 26, 8 20 36 AM

File Jun 26, 8 19 22 AM

File Jun 26, 8 20 10 AM

File Jun 26, 8 20 53 AMFile Jun 26, 8 21 24 AM File Jun 26, 8 21 59 AM File Jun 26, 8 22 13 AM File Jun 26, 8 22 58 AM File Jun 26, 8 22 45 AM File Jun 26, 8 22 26 AM

United Airlines : Flight to Kahului Airport

Few pictures of the flight UAL202 from Chicago to Kahului.

File Jun 16, 8 22 09 AM

File Jun 16, 8 23 52 AM

File Jun 16, 8 20 29 AM

File Jun 15, 4 18 16 PM

Cargo in Caribbean

From our hub in Guatemala City airport (MGGT), our B757F provide the freight for Caribbean area airports like Panama City (MPTO), San Jose (MROC), Caracas (SVMI), St John’s (TAPA) and many others.

Easter holiday 2014

Geneva (LSGG) to Keflavik (BIKF), Monastir (DTMB), Djerba (DTTJ) and to Sharm el-Sheikh (HESH).      For more pictures, please visit the Gallery :-)]]>

A week in the West

Orcas Island. Next day, departure for Skagit Regional Bay. Visiting Concrete Muni, Darrington, Harvey Field then back to Vancouver Airport to take off to Genveva.     ]]>

First flight for HB-DDU and HB-DX1

For our first client of the new VIP concept, we flew to Dubai (OMDB) and visited Dubai with the Agusta

Preparing the B747F at Geneva airportTook off from Geneva




Unloading the Agusta in Dubai airport


The Agusta near Burj Al Arab and the Burj Dubai Tower

Then,back to Geneva airport


New Service : Boeing 747F with Agusta AW109

New Acquisition for DdD Business.

1397158824798For our new VIP Concept, we bought 2 new birds. One Agusta AW109 (from Nemeth Design) to be loaded to our new Boeing 747-400F (From PMDG) This combinaison will allow our VIP to continue their flight directly from the destination airport to everywhere. (And also allow me to fully enjoy different FS scenery),

The first deck of the B747-400F (HB-DDU) is configured to be a VIP space and the cargo Deck to load 1 Agusta (HB-DX1) with Hospital configuration.

Another Agusta (HB-DX2) with medical configuration will be ready soon, to be used in case of disaster and emergency help.1397159308113

Back to Switzerland

After a long night in Berlin, it is time to come back in Switzerland.
Departure from Berlin EDDT:
fsx 2014-03-23 09-46-02-11

Arrived at Bern/Belp LSZB to unload. Then departure to Geneva LSGG to park and wait for the next mission
fsx 2014-03-23 11-13-29-35 fsx 2014-03-23 11-42-09-84

fsx 2014-03-23 11-46-56-27fsx 2014-03-23 12-18-49-33fsx 2014-03-23 12-17-45-43

Crimea Crisis – Flight to Berlin

fsx 2014-03-22 17-13-41-00 After a short visit in Syria, the FDFA (Federal Department of Foreign Affairs)  flew to Berlin to discuss about the Crimea crisis with European government.

First Flight for T-001

fsx 2014-03-21 20-47-15-31For the first flight of our B767-300ER, the destination was Damas in Syria, airport OSDI.

The Swiss government went to Syria to meet the Syrian government.


fsx 2014-03-21 20-50-40-32



fsx 2014-03-22 08-21-29-20

New Bird for Swiss Government transportation

A new bird has been purshased for a special mission, the Swiss Goverement transportation.

For this mission we selected the Boeing 767-300ER with GE Cf6 engine.

fsx 2014-03-20 22-15-43-01

B767-300 N002DD With new colors